Research Guidance (PhD)

Research Guidance (PhD) at SVNIT Surat

No Name of Student Thesis Title Month & Year of Registration Present Status
1. Pallav Kumar Study on operational Characteristics of mixed traffic flow on urban uninterrupted roadway Facility July 2014 Awarded on October 2018
2. Akhilesh Chepuri Study on travel time variability and reliability for Selected urban bus routes July 2015 Awarded on August 2019
3. Avinash Chaudhary Behavioral Study on Pedestrian Vehicular Interactions for Deriving Pedestrian Risk Indices at Selected Urban-Midblock Un-Signalized Crosswalks January 2015 Awarded on December 2019
4. Vasudevan N. Mode and activity preference behavior of heterogeneous travelers in Indian metropolitan city January 2016 Awarded on July 2020
5. S S V V N Surya Narayana Raju Study on driving behavior of vehicles using trajectory data developed under heterogeneous traffic conditions January 2017 Awarded on June 2020
6. Manish Jain Study of Traffic Flow Characteristics on Two-lane Undivided Hilly Roads January 2014 Awarded on October 2021
7. Rupali Zope Development of framework for measurement of sustainability index for transportation systems in Indian Metropolitan cities July 2014 Awarded on November 2021
8. Ninad Gore Study on Traffic Flow Stability and Congestion of Urban Networks January 2018 Awarded on February 2022
9. Ritvik Chauhan Traffic Behaviour and Surrogate Safety Assessment using Rear-End Conflicts at Signalized Intersections under Disordered Traffic Conditions July 2018 Awarded on July 2022
10. Asir Khan Study of Traffic Flow Characteristics at Roundabouts July 2015 Awarded on December 2022
11. Nandan Dawda Study on integration of multi-modal transportation systems for Indian cities January 2018 Synopsis


12. Aninda Bijoy Paul Use of proximal safety indicators in quantifying safety at un-signalized intersections July 2019 Pre-Synopsis Awarded
13. Jaydip Goyani Investigating the Safety Implications of Geometric Design Consistency on Two-Lane Roads in Mountainous Terrain January 2020 Pre-Synopsis Awarded
14. Omkar Bidkar Study on the effect of work zone on traffic flow characteristics and traffic safety January 2020 Ongoing
15. Rohit Rathod Development of quality/level of service benchmarks for Indian urban transit for performance evaluation January 2021 Ongoing
16. Lukesh Kantode Safety evaluation using intelligent transportation system under heterogeneous traffic condition July 2021 Ongoing
17. Atif Shaikh Driving Behavior Study-Transport and Safety August 2022 Ongoing
18. Priyanka Mandal Driving Behavior Study-Transport and Environment January 2023 Ongoing

Research Guidance (M. Tech Dissertations) at SVNIT Surat

No Year of Passing Name of Student Dissertation Title Supervisor/Co-Supervisor
1. 2011 Subodh Kant Dubey Route Choice Modeling using Fuzzy Logic Supervisor
2. 2012 Balaji P Characteristics of Expressways Bottlenecks Operating at Capacity Supervisor
3. 2012 Nikhil Sumanth Evaluation of Accessibility Index based on Equivalent Travel Times for a residential location in Jaipur city Supervisor
4. 2012 Praveen Singh Modelling Pedestrian Gap Acceptance Behavior at Mid-Block Crosswalk Supervisor
5. 2013 Ravikiran P Modelling Traffic Flow on Indian Roads using Micro-simulation Supervisor
6. 2013 Manojpal Reddy Nagavelli Development of Real Optimal Bus Scheduling and Time – Table with Headway Control Model Supervisor
7. 2013 Saurabh Ahuja Simulating Bus Rapid Transit Systems on Indian Roads Supervisor
8. 2013 Sukrit Narula Methodology for Simulating Heterogeneous Traffic on Expressways in Developing Countries: A Case Study in India Supervisor
9. 2014 Jabeena Study on Mixed Traffic Flow Behavior on Intercity Expressway: A Case Study of Mahatma Gandhi Expressway Supervisor
10. 2014 Amol Wagh Study on travel time reliability for a Metropolitan corridor: A Case Study ( Supervisor
11. 2014 Asir Khan Mixed Traffic Gap Acceptance Behavior At Four Legged Rotary Intersection Supervisor
12. 2014 Prasad Hinukale Study on Operating Speeds of Vehicles on Two-Lane Roads in Hilly Terrain Supervisor
13. 2015 Akhilesh Chepuri Study of travel time variation and reliability for a fixed route A Case Study in Surat Supervisor
14. 2015 Rakesh Kulkarni Estimation of Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersections under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Supervisor
15. 2015 Nipjyoti Bharadwaj Estimating Capacity and Level of Service Thresholds on Intercity Expressways: A case study of National Expressway-1 Supervisor
16. 2015 K. A. Srinivasula Reddy Evaluation of Safety by developing Proximal Safety Indicators at Un-Signalized Intersection using Micro Simulation Supervisor
17. 2016 Jairam R Real-Time Bus Travel Time Prediction Using GPS Based Historical Data Supervisor
18. 2016 S S V V N Surya Narayana Raju Calibration of Vehicle Following Models Using Trajectory Data Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Supervisor
19. 2016 Vinayraj V S Study of Pedestrian Flow Characteristics on Crosswalk at Midblock in India Supervisor
20. 2017 Bijul Raveendran Flow Modelling of Mixed Traffic based on Inter-Vehicular Spacing using Image Processing Supervisor
21. 2017 Ayush Mishra Safety Assessment using proximal safety indicator and study of driver`s collision avoidance behavior at unsignalized intersection in Surat Supervisor
22. 2017 Soorya V. B. Traffic count Prediction using Time Series Analysis on Toll Plazas Supervisor
23. 2017 Raunak V. Kenny Travel time reliability on bus routes in Surat and Indore City Supervisor
24. 2017 Tania Ann Joseph Methodology to simulate traffic operations at roundabouts in India Supervisor
25. 2017 Deepa Dileep Calibration of Vehicle Following Models using Trajectory data for Intercity Expressways Supervisor
26. 2018 Smit Thakkar Determining travel time reliability and prediction using Wi-Fi sensors under heterogeneous traffic conditions Supervisor
27. 2018 Sachin shah Estimating perceived level of service on Intercity expressway Supervisor
28. 2018 Nishant Pawar Examining drivers dilemma and safety assessment at un-signalized T-Intersections under mixed traffic conditions Supervisor
29. 2018 Learie Milleve Assessing the performance of public buses and user perception Supervisor
30. 2018 Geetashree Study of lane changing behavior on uninterrupted urban multilane road using trajectory data Supervisor
31. 2018 Chintan Adwani Deriving travel patterns using Wi-Fi sensors for Indian traffic conditions: A few case studies Supervisor
32. 2019 Shubham Sharma Applications of emerging technologies in transportation engineering: few case studies Supervisor
33. 2019 Vikram Singh Examining travel time reliability and variability on urban arterials using Wi-Fi sensors Supervisor
34. 2019 Nishi Jukte Developing an image-processing tool for pavement distress measurement Supervisor
35. 2019 Manish Choudhary Influence of Geometric design consistency on operational characteristics in hilly terrain Supervisor
36. 2019 Trupti More Determining causal factors for predicting Noise Levels on Urban Arterials Supervisor
37. 2019 Rahul Deshwal Impact of regional economic growth on traffic of NH-48 in South Gujarat Co-Supervisor
38. 2019 Jaydip Goyani Safety assessment at un-signalized t-intersections under mixed traffic conditions using proactive approach Co-Supervisor
39. 2020 Pratik Diyora Study on Macroscopic analysis of traffic flow using Wi-Fi sensor based derived travel time data Co-supervisor
40. 2020 Surya H R Stability Analysis of Indian Traffic Using Car Following Models on Trajectory Data Supervisor
41. 2020 Abhijeet Pangavhane Surat Urban Transit Network Design Problem Using Genetic Algorithm Supervisor
42. 2020 Yawar Ali Safety Assessment at Signalised intersection using vehicular trajectories Supervisor
43. 2020 Purvang Chaudhari Influence of Geometry Design Inconsistency

On Vehicle’s Operating Characteristics in Plane & Rolling Terrain

44. 2020 Vattsal Shah Driving behaviour analysis of discharging vehicles at signalized intersections Co-supervisor
45. 2020 Jay Mistry Microsimulation based analysis of Kamrej Intersection Co-supervisor
46. 2021 Dighiya Smarika Ramjiprasad Modelling pavement roughness and condition using surface distresses derived from network survey vehicle Supervisor
48. 2021 Shubham Parashar Study on Traffic Flow Stability using Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (MFD) Supervisor
49. 2021 Bevara Appala Naidu Modelling Crossing conflicts at Un-signalized four armed intersection under mixed traffic flow conditions Supervisor
50. 2022 Mihir Pravinbhai Akbari Study of user perception comparing the actual and stated behaviour: A case study of un-signalized intersection in Surat city Supervisor
51. 2022 Abhishek Devidas Desai Impact of connected and autonomous vehicles movements on efficiency and safety under heterogeneous traffic conditions using simulation technique Supervisor
52. 2022 Jainy Shah Spatio-temporal analysis of GTFS data: A case study of selected  BRTS routes in Surat city Supervisor
53. 2022 Juned Aziz Qureshi Impact assessment of adaptive traffic control signal on efficiency under heterogeneous traffic conditions using micro simulation technique Supervisor
54. 2022 Prashant Manoj Baviskar Predicting lateral movement decisions of the vehicles operating under heterogeneous traffic conditions using trajectory data Supervisor

Research Guidance (M tech and B Tech Dissertations) at BITS Pilani

  1. Subodh Kant Dubey: Route Choice Modeling using Fuzzy Logic, (ME Transportation) completed in 2011.
  2. Nilesh Deshpande: Mapping of Accidents Using GIS in Pilani, (BE) completed in 2011.
  3. Nitish Sharma: Study of Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Characteristics on two-lane roads; (BE) completed in 2010.
  4. Balaji P.: Characteristics of Expressways Bottlenecks Operating at Capacity, (ME Transportation)completed in 2012.
  5. Nikhil Sumanth: Evaluation of Accessibility Index based on Equivalent Travel Times for a residential location in Jaipur city, (ME Transportation) completed in 2012.
  6. Praveen Singh: Modelling Pedestrian Gap Acceptance Behaviour at Mid-Block Crosswalk, (ME Transportation) completed in 2012.
  7. Sagar Kurle: Study of Lane usage on Expressways: An Empirical Analysis completed in 2013 (ME Transportation).
  8. Vijay Dhale: Study of Pedestrian Traffic Flow Characteristics on Sidewalks in India completed in 2013 (ME Transportation).
  9. Kartikeya Jha: Application of Traffic Forecasting Techniques for Projecting Vehicular Population in India (B.E.) completed in 2012.
  10. Ravikiran P: Modelling Traffic Flow on Indian Roads using Micro-simulation completed in 2013 (B.E.).
  11. Manojpal Reddy Nagavelli: Development Of Real Optimal Bus Scheduling And Time – Table With Headway Control Model, completed in May 2013 (B.E.)
  12. Saurabh Ahuja: Simulating Bus Rapid Transit Systems on Indian Roads, completed in May 2013 (B.E.)
  13. Sukrit Narula: Methodology for Simulating Heterogeneous Traffic on Expressways in Developing Countries: A Case Study in India, completed in May 2013 (B.E.).