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Extended Trajectory Data of Dumas Road:

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Data description: The trajectory data is from an urban mid-block road section on Dumas road in Surat, India. For a trap length of about 600 m and width 10.5 m (3 lanes of each 3.5 m). Considering a foot-over -bridge as a vantage point, four wide-angle digital cameras were installed and focused at four different continuous road segments with trap lengths of 230 m, 120 m, 100 m, and 75 m, respectively. It covers an entire extended study stretch of 535 m for developing high-quality trajectory using continuously captured data on vehicular movement over space and time. Vehicular trajectory data were developed individually over the four segments with an update interval of 0.5 s, by tracking vehicles for each of the four segments separately. Further, based on the stitching algorithm, a continuous trajectory was developed. Overall including miss-stitches and un-stitches, the data is about 85 per cent accurate. The trajectory data contains about 591 vehicles for 20 minutes. As the data is collected in four segments, some vehicles are un-stitched. Even the data is inclusive of un-stitched vehicles also. In vehicles having ID from 1 to 706 are having continuous four segments of data. Vehicles from 10000 to 19999 are having continuous data in 2,3,4 segments and not stitched in segment 1. Vehicles from 20000 to 29999 will be continuous from 3 and 4 segments. Finally, vehicles with id > 30000 will have only four-segment trajectory data.