Books and Reviews

Books Published

  1. Shriniwas S. Arkatkar and V. Thamizh Arasan “Quantifying Traffic Flow on Intercity Roads: A Micro-Simulation Study of Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Characteristics” VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller Akt.ges. & Co.KG, Germany, May 2011. (ISBN: 978-3-639-33817-1) (Research Monograph)
  2. Ashoke Sarkar, Shriniwas Arkatkar, Vinayak Rao and Indrajeet Ghosh, “Fundamentals of Transportation Systems: Highways, Railways, Airways and Waterways” for CBSE, May 2013, New Delhi.

Chapters in Book

  1. Shalini Kanuganti, Ajinkya S. Mane, Shriniwas S Arkatkar. “Road Accident Study and Analysis”, In: Medical Jurisprudence, Toxicology and Forensic Science for Classroom, Investigation and Court Room with Case Laws. (Dr. Deoskar A.S), All India Reporter Pvt. Ltd, India (2nd edition). 2013